Jade New to Victory

14/01/2017 19:30

Also Bingo, Raffle
Open the Box

Real Ale on sale

At all home matches

01/11/2016 22:50

Due to overcrowding the committee has made the decision to we can no longer accept away supporters

This takes effect as from 1st November

At all home matches

01/11/2016 22:50

We no longer except away supporters
due toovercrowding

New Yars Eve Joe King 8 till late

31/12/2016 00:00

All non members charged £5 on door
members will be required to show
there membership cards

Bingo Cash Raffle

There will be card check


24/12/2016 19:30

Members night all members showing there membership card will receive £5 drinks voucher. There will also be cash and prize raffle Bingo

Disco Nite Life Home Match

17/12/2016 19:30
19/12/2016 23:00

Bingo Raffle
Open the box